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As the founder of Can't Change the West, Jacob has built a team of creatives with years of experience working together. Jacob proved to be invaluable at the companies he has worked for, quickly being promoted and given more responsibility. As a producer Jacob has found a formula that works. He has produced some of the most popular content for the biggest names; from Disney Interactive to DreamWorksTV. Every show he touches rises to the top. 


Jacob Rosenthal



Shane and Justin are a directing duo. Shane comes from a producing background and Justin from an editorial one. This gives them a distinct advantage to see and understand more of the scope of the projects they work on. They have a full understanding of the process from pre-production through post and have proven especially adept at children's content. They make kids content the way a kid would: dangerous, absurd, and spit-out-your-milk funny.

Shane Spiegel 

Justin Reager

Various cameras med res (20 of 50).jpg

Will has shot everything from national ad campaigns for major brands, award winning features, music videos for some of the biggest talent today. He recently completed the 10 episode TV series with the team. For ten years he has built up a resume, acquired gear, and made a network of clients all across the country. Will has worked in a variety of entertainment genres, sharpening his skills for whatever comes next. 


Will Sampson

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